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I use Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky #2833 - gauges 45, 65, 85, 105.  I like the sound and the feel, they do a great job of staying in tune, and they seem to last a decent amount of time.

What does everyone else use?

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D'addario makes some real good strings. Try the EXP's.
DR Hi beams. Been using them for about 5 yrs now. I get about. I put on a fresh set every 2-3 months and i play almost every Friday-Saturday night. I've tried other strings, but these seem to last the longest.
Favs would have to be the D'Addario Medium Gauge (*.050, *.070, *.085, *.105) on my 4 strings. I dont necessarily have a facorite for my 5's and 6's, I am still working on trying to get that perfect tone with the right strings. (Any suggestions would be nice :D )
tried most strings roto sounds are my fav by far.
I use a couple of different strings, because my band plays in drop B, I use a standard set of DR Taper cores for my six and five, how ever on my four I use the DR Drop Down Tuning (Heavy) strings. I've only broken one string by DR and that was by accedent.
I have been partial to DR's for years, I used Ken Smith strings for years until DR came out, but I really like the Alchemy coated strings because they sound like two day old strings right when I put them on and they stay that way for about a month.
Rotosound SS standard guage.
I agree Michael.I use Ernie Ball Nickel 50-105 on all my basses.The have that already broken in feel.Usually around $24.99 here in Canada per set and the tone lasts a long time.I guess the new bubble gum package seals in freshness,lol.
For the last 20 years I used whatever was literally cheap and plentiful. lols
I've been using DaDarrios(that\s spelled *soooo* wrong!) for the last few years though. As long as the G string is a 45 and the B string a 130(at least), I'm happy.
I change my strings every 6 months or so, up to a year. My sound is in my hands to such an extent that I sound like me anyway, and as I do a lot of left hand muting and "string management", they don't "ring" all twangy anyway.
When we record tracks in the studio we always wait for my notes to die out, way after everyone else, even the cymbals. I know this is mostly my passive F-bass, but the strings I use make playing so much more fun.
Rotosound 66 & Dean Markley Blue Steels for Roundwounds. Rotosound 55, GHS ground/pressurewounds & TI Jazz Flats(when I can afford them) for flatwounds. I try to get the heaviest gauges I can.

I like my rounds really brilliant with a lot of harmonic content, and I like my flats to be super growly with lots of mids.
DR Hi Beams 45 - 105. Tried a few but these strings and that gauge are what i always come back to. Like a little zing on my P!
didn't get on with them at all. Went back to the DR's




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